About the Data
A digital orthophoto quarter-quadrangle (DOQQ) is a digital image of an aerial photograph that has been ortho-rectified. DOQQs are 1-meter resolution and covers an area on the ground of 3.75-minutes longitude by 3.75-minutes latitude.
High-resolution imagery is most often 1-foot resolution and covers 5000 feet x 5000 feet on the ground. Occasionally imagery at 1/2-foot or 2-foot resolution is collected. Most counties are flown once every three years as part of a statewide cycle, with the flying season usually running from November through March. This imagery is in State Plane projection and MrSid file format.
Download Hi-Resolution Grid Cell Boundaries
For reference purposes only. These PDFs and shapefiles show the grid cell boundaries and grid identifiers.

Historical Images High-Resolution Image Inventory - What Images are Available? High-Resolution Images Department of Revenue's Aerial Imagery Acquisition Scheduled Fly Dates and Other Information 2004  RGB  UTM  Units:MT  MrSID 2004  RGB  State Plane  Units:FT  JPEG 2000 2004  RGB  State Plane  Units:FT  MrSID 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  JPG 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  MrSID 2004  CIR  UTM  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  CIR  State Plane  Units:FT  JPEG 2000 Fly Dates - 2004 1999  CIR  UTM  Units:MT  MrSID 1999  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPG 1999  CIR  StatePlane  Units:FT  MrSID 1995  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  MrSID 1995  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPG Fly Dates - 1995 and 1999