Digital Elevation Model
About the Data
A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a digital representation of the contours of the Earth's surface. The information is derived from elevation measurements at regularly spaced intervals. This data is published by the USGS and covers a 7.5-minute area with 30-meter resolution.
Determining the Quad Name
Use the Geographic Profile or the DEP Quad Map Index to find the DEP quad name and number.

Special Software Needed
WinZip will uncompress the .gz format
Additional software is needed to use the DEM

Enter FTP Site for Statewide Data
The FTP folders are organized by 7.5-minute quad name and in *.tar.gz compression format.
Marion County Geodatabases
The geodatabase (v. 10.3) files are compressed into .zip format.
These files are very large (8GB, 2GB, 346MB, and 87MB) ... please be patient.