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Range Survey Date
Bay1712Panama City BeachR004.5 to R093.21/17/1997
Bay1929Carillon Beach/Pinnacle PortR000.5 to R004.58/14/1998
Brevard114Indialantic-Melbourne (South Reach)R122.7 to R134.79/26/1978
Brevard2249North Reach (Cape Canaveral)R001.0 to R054.62/2/2000
Brevard2571Northerly Extension of the South ReachR118.2 to R122.71/30/2001
Brevard2572Southerly Extension of the South ReachR134.7 to R139.21/1/2001
Brevard7173Brevard Mid-ReachR075.4 to R118.23/12/2019
Brevard7185South Ext. of South Ext. of South ReachR139.2 to R141.24/17/2019
Broward65Hollywood-HallandaleR123.8 to R128.08/1/1977
Broward65Hollywood-HallandaleR100.8 to R123.88/1/1977
Broward210Pompano Beach/Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (North Segment-1983)R025.0 to R031.55/19/2004
Broward210Pompano Beach/Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (South Segment-1983)R048.7 to R053.05/19/2004
Broward1740Hillsboro Beach/Deerfield BeachR006.0 to R012.52/18/2002
Broward3009Hollywood-DaniaR086.0 to R100.89/22/1975
Broward5622Fort Lauderdale Beach (4th Iteration)R053.0 to R072.05/29/2015
Charlotte1081Knight IslandR027.8 to R030.59/20/1993
Charlotte3089Knight Island/Don Pedro IslandR030.5 to R040.012/16/2002
Charlotte7309Manasota Key - CH North SegmentR001.0 to R013.25/24/2019
Charlotte7309Manasota Key - CH South SegmentR014.4 to R015.35/24/2019
Collier788Marco Island (Area 1)R142.2 to R148.47/18/1988
Collier788Marco Island (Area 2)R134.0 to R139.37/18/1988
Collier788Marco Island (Area 3)V312.7 to V316.67/18/1988
Collier1308Park Shore (Beach)R049.6 to R054.42/1/1995
Collier1309Vanderbilt BeachR022.3 to R030.82/3/1995
Collier1310Naples BeachR057.8 to R079.04/4/1995
Collier1972South Gordon DriveR087.4 to R088.510/15/1999
Collier3292Hideaway Beach-Marco Island (Area 4)V311.0 to V312.77/17/2003
Collier3292Hideaway Beach-Marco Island (Area 5)V316.6 to R128.07/17/2003
Collier3432Northern Park ShoreR043.6 to R049.65/19/2004
Collier3438Pelican BayR030.8 to R037.05/19/2004
Collier7352Clam Pass ParkR042.0 to R043.68/16/2019
Duval29DuvalV501.0 to R080.02/1/1975
Escambia2819Santa Rosa IslandR109.3 to R151.01/24/2002
Escambia4223Perdido KeyR001.0 to R034.48/31/2007
Flagler7337Flagler County Hurricane and Storm Damage ReductionR079.8 to R094.27/11/2019
Flagler7440North Segment County ProjectR068.9 to R079.808-19-2021
Flagler7459Middle Segment County ProjectR094.2 to R095.108-19-2021
Flagler7460South Segment County ProjectR098.2 to R100.908-19-2021
Gulf4019St. Joseph PeninsulaR066.7 to R105.512/15/2006
Indian River2910Ambersand Beach (2nd Iteration)R003.0 to R017.03/26/2002
Indian River3732Indian River Sector 7R097.1 to R108.09/2/2005
Indian River4501Indian River Sector 3 - Wabasso BeachR019.8 to R051.49/16/2009
Indian River7174Sector 5 Vero BeachR070.0 to R086.14/10/2019
Lee142South Seas PlantationR084.0 to R093.73/30/1978
Lee331Captiva IslandR093.7 to R109.03/30/1978
Lee1134Bonita Beach Restoration ProjectR226.0 to R230.112/29/1993
Lee1448Sanibel IslandR129.3 to R132.712/9/1995
Lee2505Estero Island & Lovers KeyR175.0 to R198.09/22/2000
Lee2505Estero Island & Lovers KeyR214.5 to R220.59/22/2000
Lee2526Gasparilla IslandR010.2 to R026.012/8/2000
Lee3419Northern Sanibel IslandR110.5 to R119.32/25/2004
Manatee836Anna Maria IslandR011.8 to R033.74/5/1989
Manatee878Longboat KeyR043.7 to R048.92/15/1977
Manatee883Town of Longboat Key (Manatee Portion)R048.9 to R067.03/27/1991
Manatee2396North Anna Maria IslandR007.0 to R010.06/1/2000
Manatee4041Coquina BeachR033.7 to R041.32/9/2007
Manatee4958North Longboat KeyR042.7 to R044.74/22/2014
Manatee7695Longboat KeyR042.7 to R044.78/3/2020
Martin1092Martin County ECLR001.0 to R025.03/23/1995
Martin2754Jupiter IslandR075.0 to R116.83/23/1995
Martin4399Bathtub BeachR034.4 to R035.76/3/2009
Martin5917Sailfish PointR035.7 to R040.07/13/2015
Martin6955Jupiter Island North ExtensionR072.9 to R075.07/13/2018
Miami-Dade32Key BiscayneR101.3 to R107.812/5/1983
Miami-Dade667Sunny IslesR007.0 to R019.24/28/1987
Miami-Dade2841Bal HarborR027.0 to R030.310/18/1972
Miami-Dade2513 C(Dade)-SurfsideR030.3 to R036.27/3/1974
Miami-Dade2513 N(Dade)-Haulover Beach ParkR019.2 to R026.510/11/1974
Miami-Dade2513 S(Dade)-City of Miami BeachR036.2 to R074.17/3/1974
Monroe2513 SHiggs BeachV413 to V4137/13/2020
Nassau90Nassau (North Amelia Island)R012.9 to R033.87/18/1977
Nassau743South Amelia IslandR047.4 to R075.510/17/1988
Okaloosa3283Okaloosa East (City of Destin Erosion Control Line)R039.0 to R050.43/10/2004
Okaloosa4357Okaloosa IslandR001.0 to R016.19/16/2008
Okaloosa4356 (E)Western Destin (East Segment)R023.5 to R025.59/18/2008
Okaloosa4356 (W)Western Destin (West Segment)R017.0 to R020.79/18/2008
Palm Beach99Ocean Ridge/Briny BreezesR159.1 to R165.09/29/1977
Palm Beach663North Boca RatonR205.0 to R213.04/6/1987
Palm Beach830Jupiter/Carlin ShoreR013.0 to R019.010/11/1989
Palm Beach1091Town of Ocean RidgeR151.8 to R159.111/30/1991
Palm Beach1348Town of Palm BeachR095.0 to R100.27/11/1995
Palm Beach1800Juno BeachR025.9 to R038.26/9/1999
Palm Beach2700South Boca RatonR223.2 to R227.05/16/2001
Palm Beach2753Delray BeachR175.4 to R190.21/31/1972
Palm Beach2959Mid-Town North Extension (Town of Palm Beach)R090.3 to R095.06/5/2002
Palm Beach2960Mid-Town South Extension (Town of Palm Beach)R100.2 to R101.46/5/2002
Palm Beach3040Central Boca RatonR213.0 to R222.610/30/2002
Palm Beach3620Phipps Ocean ParkR118.8 to R126.04/13/2005
Palm Beach4178Town of Palm Beach Reach 8 ΓÇô NorthR126.0 to R127.67/7/2007
Palm Beach4179Town of Palm Beach Reach 8 ΓÇô SouthR128.8 to R132.07/7/2007
Palm Beach4222Town of Palm Beach Reach 8 ΓÇô DuneR132.0 to R134.17/7/2007
Palm Beach4381Singer IslandR060.7 to R066.011/25/2008
Palm Beach5575Town of Palm Beach (South Taper)R101.5 to R102.08/13/2014
Palm Beach5576Town of Palm Beach (North Taper)R089.0 to R090.38/13/2014
Palm BeachTown of Palm BeachR102.0 to R107.011/30/2020
Pinellas180Sand KeyR054.4 to R061.27/1/1979
Pinellas471Redington Shores Beach AccessR099.4 to R102.010/6/1988
Pinellas508North Redington BeachR105.2 to R106.810/6/1988
Pinellas574Indian Shores Beach Access Phase 1AR093.2 to R096.35/1/1986
Pinellas584Redington Shores-Phase IIR102.0 to R105.22/9/1985
Pinellas590Pass-A-Grill BeachR160.0 to R166.02/17/1986
Pinellas623Town of Indian Rocks BeachR071.5 to R085.46/30/1986
Pinellas668City of Saint Petersburg BeachR144.0 to R146.57/10/1973
Pinellas741Indian Shores Beach Access Phase IIR085.4 to R093.210/14/1988
Pinellas780Indian Shores ΓÇô Phase 1BR096.3 to R099.410/6/1988
Pinellas1220North Treasure IslandR126.0 to R128.28/11/1994
Pinellas1452Sand Key Phase IVR056.1 to R071.511/22/1995
Pinellas6502Sand KeyR106.8 to R108.73/16/2017
Santa Rosa3582Navarre BeachR192.3 to R214.312/15/2004
Sarasota855Town of Longboat KeyR022.2 to R029.38/24/1990
Sarasota883Town of Longboat Key (Sarasota Portion)R001.0 to R022.23/7/1991
Sarasota1050City of VeniceR115.0 to R135.411/8/1993
Sarasota1989Lido Key BeachR035.0 to R040.08/18/1993
Sarasota2191South Lido KeyR040.0 to R044.011/9/1999
Sarasota3730South Siesta KeyR066.7 to R077.48/18/2005
Sarasota7308Manasota Key - ST North SegmentR173.4 to R177.55/24/2019
Sarasota7308Manasota Key - ST South SegmentR180.7 to R183.75/24/2019
St. Johns2072St. Augustine BeachR136.2 to R151.94/16/1999
St. Johns7349Vilano BeachR102.5 to R117.58/14/2019
St. Johns7789South Ponte VedraR076 to R102.510/14/2020
St. Lucie1711Ft. PierceR034.0 to R041.25/5/1997
St. Lucie4956St. Lucie County SouthR098.0 to R115.91/18/2012
Walton3284Walton West Revised - Segment 1R001.0 to R014.89/7/2003
Walton3284Walton West Revised - Segment 2R015.0 to R021.99/7/2003
Walton3689Extention of Walton WestR021.9 to R023.99/7/2003
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