About the Data
A digital orthophoto quarter-quadrangle (DOQQ) is a digital image of an aerial photograph that has been ortho-rectified. DOQQs are 1-meter resolution and covers an area on the ground of 3.75-minutes longitude by 3.75-minutes latitude.
High-resolution imagery is most often 1-foot resolution and covers 5000 feet x 5000 feet on the ground. Occasionally imagery at 1/2-foot or 2-foot resolution is collected. Most counties are flown once every three years as part of a statewide cycle, with the flying season usually running from November through March. This imagery is in State Plane projection and MrSid file format.
In 2016, an updated datum (NAD83_2011), was used for aerials for some counties. In these counties, the .sid files are delivered as they came from the vendor. We cannot recreate lower generation .sid files for these images. In the past, some GIS and CAD systems cannot use higher version sids. Check the image inventory to identify the counties using the updated datum.
Download Hi-Resolution Grid Cell Boundaries
For reference purposes only. These PDFs and shapefiles show the grid cell boundaries and grid identifiers.

Historical Images High-Resolution Image Inventory - What Images are Available? High-Resolution Images Department of Revenue's Aerial Imagery Acquisition Scheduled Fly Dates and Other Information 2004  RGB  UTM  Units:MT  MrSID 2004  RGB  State Plane  Units:FT  JPEG 2000 2004  RGB  State Plane  Units:FT  MrSID 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  JPG 2004  RGB  Albers  Units:MT  MrSID 2004  CIR  UTM  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPEG 2000 2004  CIR  State Plane  Units:FT  JPEG 2000 Fly Dates - 2004 1999  CIR  UTM  Units:MT  MrSID 1999  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPG 1999  CIR  StatePlane  Units:FT  MrSID 1995  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  MrSID 1995  CIR  Albers  Units:MT  JPG Fly Dates - 1995 and 1999